ModWood is New Zealand’s ONLY CodeMark Certified WPC Decking

ModWood has always placed a strong emphasis on producing a sustainable product that utilises the most efficient production methods available, all in an effort to ensure that our ModWood wood composite decking meets the consumer’s demands in every way possible.

Recently, across the ditch in Australia, ModWood has been awarded the highly regarded ‘Green Tag’ certification. The Green Tag certification focuses on the life cycle of a product and considers the impact (both positive and negative) a product has from its inception through to the end of the products ‘working life’ – or from the ‘cradle to the grave’ as it is often referred to.

In addition to this, the Green Tag Certification also assesses the impact a product has on both people’s health and the environment’s health, it quantifies the level of greenhouse emissions over the life of a product, considers corporate social responsibility to ensure international labour laws and standards are being met and, where wood fibre is utilised, it assesses the impact the product has on local and imported species of timber.

ModWood has achieved a bronze Green Tag rating as is proud to stand alongside a select group of New Zealand and Australian companies that are also Green Tag Certified. This will be of significant benefit when specifying ModWood as the Green Tag scheme becomes more recognised in New Zealand.

Back here in New Zealand, ModWood is about to take its level of certification a step further…

ModWood is New Zealand’s ONLY CodeMark Certified WPC Decking, for those of you who are not familiar with CodeMark it is a New Zealand Government (MBIE) administered scheme that provides certification showing that a product meets the requirements of the New Zealand Building Code (NZBC). A CodeMark Certified product must be accepted by any building consent authority as meeting the NZBC when it is used as specified.