Why Choose MODWOOD Composite WPC Decking?

5 good reasons to choose MODWOOD decking over traditional timber decking

  1. ModWood looks better
    • 100% 5.4m lengths = less joins to give a great looking deck and less time spent on installation meaning savings $$$
    • Won’t splinter, twist, bend, warp or rot.
    • 8 great looking natural colours and finishes to complement any outdoor area.
  2. ModWood is priced very competitively
    • Compare the price of ModWood over the lifecycle of a traditional timber deck and you save $$$.
  3. ModWood is low maintenance
    • Won’t require staining or oiling – save $$$ on the lifecycle of your deck.
  4. ModWood is good for the environment
    • Made from recycleable materials – helping preserve our precious environment.
  5. ModWood is Safe
    • No unfriendly chemicals used in the manufacture – great for kids and family.
    • Fully embossed surface to increase slip resistance – great around pools R11 slip resistance.

5 good reasons to choose MODWOOD decking over other WPC brands

  1. ModWood will comply
    • The only WPC brand that will fully comply with NZ Building Code – CodeMark Certfication pending.
  2. ModWood will save you money
    • Compare ModWood pricing with competing brands.
  3. ModWood will last the distance
    • The only WPC manufactured ‘Down Under’ for our unique UV climate conditions.
  4. ModWood will look better
    • The only WPC decking that really looks like wood when laid and that ages to look even more natural.
  5. ModWood will still be around
    • A proven brand with a genuine manufacturer’s warranty.
    • The biggest WPC brand in Australasia not a ‘here today gone tomorrow’ imported brand.

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